RANKED: The 30 Most Creative People In Social Media Marketing

One time Business Insider put me on a list and my hair game was on point. It was a good day.

Originally published by Laura Stampler in Business Insider on July 2, 2013:

19. Kyle Bunch, group director of mobile and social platforms at R/GA

Bunch (@bunch) has led most of R/GA’s award-winning social media campaigns for brands including Nike, MasterCard, Google, L’Oreal, and Microsoft. He was even responsible for Microsoft’s massive Windows 8 social media launch last year.

Under his guidance, L’Oreal started using the #AskHairGenius hashtag for consumers in need of hair care tips. He also helped A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” really capitalize on social media. The show is huge on Twitter, so R/GA made sure that hours before the show “copywriters, art directors and videographers are developing custom content that can later be deployed,” Ad Age reported.

He’s also a social media teacher at the Miami Ad School and IE Business School, Madrid and the co-founder of a sports social media events series called Blogs with Balls that works with ESPN, SB Nation, Bloomberg Sports, and more.